Other 'revolutionary' invention?

I've come across this news ("La Voz de Galicia") about an invention to save energy. The inventor, Oumar Fall, comes from Senegal and receives financial support from Xonxa, a telecom firm from Galicia (Spain).

I've not read the specification thoroughly, but in my opinion it flirts with 'perpetuum mobile' and maybe violates the conservation of energy principle.

We can read that a patent for this invention has been granted in Spain and Europe. That's completely false. A patent application has been published, so we have to wait until the EPO examine the application to see if it finally receives a patent.

Although the International Search Report (ISR) doesn't mention any relevant document to be taken into consideration, the prospects are not good. In the International Preliminary Examination Report (IPEA) it is held that the invention is not patentable because it lacks industrial application on the grounds of violation of the first principle of thermodynamics.


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